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Scalp Dermabrasion

Hair thinning and loss can happen for many different reasons and to all ages. Women suffer after childbirth, from an under or over active thyroid, stress, lifestyle, excessive travel into different climates and timezones and many other reasons. Our polluted world also contributes to an unhealthy scalp.

Niko and Okin’s scalp treatment uses the Nioxin products. The treatment starts by examining the scalp under a powerful magnifying glass projected onto a computer screen. One of the highly trained staff diagnose the problem and discuss the treatment required. Masks and other treatment solutions are used on the scalp with steam machines to infuse. The scalp is given a very thorough strong hand shampoo in-between treatments and a beautiful relaxing shampoo and head massage at the end.

Take home products are also prescribed for each client if required. Results are seen and felt within 10-14 days in most cases and ongoing treatments booked if necessary.

Why spend a lot of money on some of the other hair loss products and companies advertised on TV when this is right here in Toowoomba at Niko and Okin. The cost of this treatment is $45 and comes with a complimentary hand scrub and massage along with the use of foot massage machines during processing and a massage chair at the basins. An extra cost is charged for blow drying and this should be discussed prior to the treatment commencing.

Client Testimonial - I urge anybody with a scalp or hair thinning problem to start with this treatment at Niko and Okin. I have been extremely pleased with the results, the service and professionalism of the staff. This is not just for females, I believe males could also benefit. Even if you don’t have a problem with hair thinning or a dry scalp this treatment cleans the scalp. We are continually cleansing, toning and moisturising our face and the scalp should be treated like an extension of this.

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