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Introducing Comb Highlights...

Have you heard of Comb Highlights?

Comb Highlighting is a colour technique that niko & okin can offer, that most other salon's do not!

Comb Highlights use a pain-free technique that delivers a result that is similar to streaking or foiling however, the result gives a more natural look. Regrowth is less obvious and grows out naturally than compared to streaking.

Benefits of Comb Highlights include -

  • A more natural, blended look

  • Less painful than streaking

  • Less time needed to do the job - in fact, half of the time

  • The same price as streaking or foils

  • Less pull and stress on your hair

  • Regrowth is less obvious and grows our naturally

Ask one of our hair stylists today for more information on Comb Highlights.

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